Ever since I was young, I wanted to make a difference to others.

My father named me James Chin Bond Wong, after the famous secret agent. "Bond" in Chinese, actually sounds like help/assist. My father wanted me to help people. I hope I have not let him down.


He came to England from Hong Kong in the early 1960s as a dim sum chef, armed with only $100 HKD, equivalent to £7. Quite scary for a 21 year old, with no knowledge of English. 

What he had was a determination to succeed and he was not afraid of hard work. Generous whenever he can be, he made many friends due to his genuine and honest nature.

He came to Birmingham in the early 70s, met my mother and set his sights for success. Within 10 years, the Chung Ying empire began.

Growing up with my father, I've learnt of his generous nature. He was very low key, not one for the limelight. He has supported many charities financially but has told them not to disclose his name. 

After university, I learnt my ropes at Chung Ying Garden. Being the boss's son wasn't easy. I had to work twice as hard to proof to the rest that I was there on merit. I became General Manager in 2006 and started to discuss doing some charity work with my father. I always had affinity with the elders, they were always there to support my parents as customers and friends. 

I started the free elderly luncheon with the assist from Wendy Choi. I discuss with her that I wanted to feed 40 elders every month but I don't know the community well enough to execute this. She told me the hard part is not getting people to come, it's finding people like me that is willing to give to the community. I was still very shy back then and wasn't very confident in my Cantonese. I helped behind the scene, telling Wendy with the help of the Overseas Chinese Association and Birmingham Chinese Women's Association, to take all the credit. To date we have given over 5000 free lunches.

Fast forward to present day, I have learnt a lot under the guidance from my late father and the Chinese community. I am very honoured and proud to take positions of power within committees. More importantly, I hope I can continue my vision for an united Chinese community and continuing promoting Chinese culture and education for the next generation.

In honour and loving memory of Mr Siu Chung Wong. Father. Friend. Mentor.